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PPC also known as SEM – Search Engine Marketing

pay per click in Cochin

Online ad agencies plays an important role now, the days are gone when we approach paper agencies for the publishing advertisements. Search engine marketing or PPC pay per click is term used in referring to pay for the clicks and visitors to your website. that is you pay for the keywords and bid o them to get those keyword rank for you in search engines and a large set of display networks, Adwords is the most popular PPC program, run by Google.

The PPC campaign are managed by us and you have to provide us with all the details of campaign like for what kind of product and service you need ad and what budget you have etc…

Please have a look at the demographic on the left side of the page which clearly shows our PPC services, and how we mange and report it to you.

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best ppc service in KeralaPPC is used to drive huge amount of direct traffic to websites, the traffic depends on the budget you have and how you want to drive traffic.

The model works like advertisers pay bid amount to the publisher (typically a website owner in a vast category of display network) when one user clicks on ad the pay per click amount will go to the publisher which is automatically managed by PPC Adwords program manager.

Advertisers bid on keyword phrases relevant to their target market and publishers publish those ads on their respective websites managed by Google Adsense program.

Advantages of PPC Campaign

  • Fast and instant placements of ads when its approved and thus fast and instant traffic with better conversion rate.
  • You are able to target your audience demographic by selecting the cities and states and countries your ads should be published.
  • Its more stable than natural SEO, as in natural organic serp the site listing may fluctuate over time during search engine updates.
  • Daily and weekly reports and even real time visitor tracking for your ads.

PPC Management Offer

  • FREE startup discounts
  • Free Google advertising credits
  • and lot more premium promotion up on request
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